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Hiatus 2 [October 26th 2010 12:42 PM]
[ mood | numb ]

I was deciding between starting a new livejournal/xanga. But I decided to stick with this. I am going to start blogging and reflecting on my life. I had enough.
I remember when I needed to get over you, I changed blog and started blogging. Surprisely and gradually, it helped. It's tough but it helped.
I am staying with this livejournal because I've just read all my old entries. I saw how I changed. And I did.

Now, it's a new problem which I am ready to change (for the better, hopefully). And when I set my heart on something, I will try my best and use every effort to work on it.

You hurt me. I hurt human. I became someone I don't even know.
Today is the day I am going to stop. Give me time. Deal with it.
I am sorry. Repent. Refresh. Renew. (Ditch the other 3 Rs)

I will be back.


[June 18th 2008 06:45 PM]
oh dear, this hols was indeed "productive and useful". i really need to get down and do some serious work. and also really organise my time wisely. yes, and discipline myself. the next semester is gonna fly by so quickly, and before i know it, os is just before me. merely 5 months, or 4? and i've to cram mainly 4 years of education, and that's a lot, yet so little time. k, this livejournal is as good as dead. so i might as well go on longggg hiatus. toodles.

is it you?

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